Exhibition Details

"S A N G U I N E"

new work by Josh George

Josh’s unique mixed media cityscapes and portraiture have a staggering amount of detail to them. His art has taken him all over the country and even many shows to Italy and all the reviews say the same thing; his work is imaginative, theatrical, and very VERY human. It is truly amazing how Josh takes everyday moments and makes them grand somehow like drinking coffee or taking a walk down a city street.  Starting with torn bits of maps, wall coverings, labels and other discarded bits of printed paper, he arranges his subjects and then comes back on top with paint very delicately to finish the work off.

With the birth of his child Vive earlier this year and maybe just being tired of toiling in the darker side of his subjects, Josh is breathing new life into his already highly regarded art. On reflecting on the title,         “S A N G U I N E” George had this to say, “I always liked the way the word looked visually, never really knew its meaning completely, but it refers to cheerfulness, positive things, confidence which hopefully describes what I'm doing painting wise.  I don't want to paint anything grim or morose anymore…too much of that in the real world as it is.  It also has to do with color, reddish-ruddy complexions which make sense to describing my surfaces!”

Josh also has as much fun with titling his work as well as painting it.  With titles like, “Who Will Win the Peanut Butter Wars.” and, “The Wind Carried It In Its Belly, The City Nursed” you get a sense that Josh also probably has a pile of poems stashed somewhere that he has yet to reveal to the world.  Josh sees titling his work this way adds even more mystique making the mundane fantastical and vice versa as if a nude woman delicately balancing on her big toe on the corner of a skyscraper is just a Tuesday for the free spirited figure.

This is Josh’s first solo exhibit with the glave kocen gallery and Co-Owner BJ Kocen is brimming with excitement.” Josh and I see life very similarly and I love where he is coming from. He is such a highly regarded artist among artists here in Richmond and beyond that we are really honored to be working with him.”



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