Exhibition Details

Chasing the Light

new work by Alex Nyerges

Alex Nyerges’ passion for a life of creativity starts everyday at the crack of dawn with his running shoes and his camera. While most of us are still in bed, Alex has already run a good few miles and has stopped a time or two to take some photos. He likes to tease that since he grew up in Rochester, NY home of The Eastman Kodak Company that you were basically born with a camera in your hand but being born into a family of musicians & photographers probably didn’t hurt either!

From those early days of his youth to those early morning runs, Alex has dedicated himself to shooting literally thousands of photos from all around the globe. His work is almost exclusively black and white and was shot on film until 2002 when he made the switch to digital. His "darkroom" work is intense and just as potent as his eye adding richness to the shadows and light he captures.  Even though Alex has had a storied career in the arts as a director, curator, author, & photo historian, his personal work is just that. He may be influenced by the greats like Edward Weston and Ansel Adams, both of which Nyerges has curated exhibits for and wrote a masterful compendium for each, but Alex has truly found his own voice and only uses his exposure to the masters as coloring of his work not control. 

This will be the first time such a large collection of Alex's work will be on display and yet with over forty works in the exhibit, it is just a glimpse of the artist's treasury.  To delve deeper into the selected works, there will be personal statements beside each photo displayed and Alex will give a gallery talk June 20th, 11:30 am at the gallery. 

Proceeds from the exhibit   will benefit The Virginia Museum of Fine Arts.  Since Alex's work truly is his life's story, The VMFA has occupied a big space of that story when he and his wife Kathryn moved to Richmond in 2006. From the Forbidden City to our own James River, working for The VMFA has provided golden opportunities to Alex most photographers dream of. The benefit is also because Alex's dedication to the museum is heartfelt and he wants to bolster the VMFA anyway that he can. It's with great honor and privilege that we get to present, "Chasing the Light."  It's a world premier from a world traveler benefitting a world class museum!

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