Exhibition Details


from the mountains to the sea

biennial invitational photography exhibit


Click III: From the Mountains to the Sea features the strongest line up to date and as usual BJ Kocen & Co-Curator Scott Elmquist try to exemplify how far the medium can go through process and different points of view. CLICK also prides itself on mixing it up with seasoned vets of photography and the upstarts. The number of participants has decreased but that has given room for the photographers to spread out with more works as opposed to the usual one photo per photographer. The participants are as follows; Bob Brown, Tom Chambers, Logan Crable, Scott Elmquist, Travis Fullerton, Briget Ganske, Adam Goldsmith, Katherine Dilworth, John Henley, Andrew Hersey, Edward Levinson, Cyane Lowden, Susan Mikula, Alex Nyerges, Tanya Rogish, & Jeff Saxman. CLICK is a favorite among photo fans as the display goes into great detail including type of camera used, artist statement AND a curator’s statement for each photographer.

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