Exhibition Details

Eli McMullen presents "Memory Bloom"


Our "Under the Rafter" series continues with a good friend of Broth’s Eli McMullen which is also a premier exhibit with glave kocen.  It was at Mickael’s suggestion the gallery reach out to Eli to check his work out. They did and began showing his straight away.  “Memory Bloom” points Eli in a direction of visceral recall not only relaying a snapshot moment but how that memory glowed with emotion and auras. As Eli states,

”I am drawn to landscapes of heightened atmospheric ambience, boosted chroma, and hazy light and shadow. Translucent overlapping layers bleed the objects into their environments and create gradients of ethereal hues. I dematerialize commonplace buildings and design to reconstruct it within itself, as if reconstructing a memory. There is a blurred sense of motion that obscures the forms and represents the constant passing of time. I accent the harmony between natural scenery and unfamiliar abstract light and form.”

These two artist’s exhibits will complement each other nicely. They share the same love of pastel colors but as where Mickael likes to curve lines, Eli likes more geometrical shapes. Both exhibits open the first Friday in June and will continue through June 30th.

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