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Premier solo exhibit with brand new works

Broth’s life story up to this point reads like a character out of a John Irving novel. This year he was awarded a large public art commission by the same city that arrested him 14 years ago for shall we say his non commissioned public art. Broth’s work is largely spread around the city and the nation. Works are either on panel on a small scale or giant murals on interior or exterior walls. His art has even adorned a Water Tower in Scott’s Addition. That work might have scratched the itch of those early graffiti days that he says he still gets an inkling of wanting to do but channels his energies elsewhere. That elsewhere is everything from being awarded a VMFA fellowship in 2008, becoming an internet sensation with his “Feel the Bern” ala Circle Jerks Mural in 2016, co-founding the nonprofit Welcoming Walls, and becoming international with his mural work as he heads to France to paint two murals this summer. But just a day before he heads overseas, Mickael with open his first solo show with glave kocen gallery called, “CHAOS MAGICK.”

Broth has termed his process “saturationism.”  He creates, creates, creates, and creates embracing a visual stimulation overload which allows him to see the trees for the forest.  It's not too far afield from our daily lives of info overload and the barrage of consumer messaging that gets integrated in to Broth's work but rearranged to his whim. Surrounding himself with a multitude of small scale works frenetically put together to large scale sculptural pieces misshapen and puzzle like gives Broth the resonance he seeks in his creations.  It is this conjuring out of nothing where the, “Chaos Magick” exists and unfolds.  

For the past two years Mickael has been working with the glave kocen gallery exhibiting in group shows and last year’s Current Art Fair. glave kocen has been mostly presenting his mixed media collages on panel under resin which at first glance carries a wink to the 1980’s color palettes and arrangements but on closer inspection reveals a sophistication in the composition. Patterned papers, magazine cutouts, and the like, are refashioned into special narratives of objects floating in abstraction invading or giving space in their relationship. Broth’s newest work has an element of fabrication involving the local woodshop artisans of “Big Secret.”  Patterns are Laser Cut and then Broth comes on top with Spray Paint adding some of his signature gesturing.  The end result will look like jigsaw puzzle pieces scattered about the exhibit. Mickael is also putting together a sculptural piece that patrons can interact with to forward the idea of the immersion in his work that he relishes.

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