Exhibition Details



Tim Harper likes to hit the streets for his inspiration. “Wander and wonder,” begins Harper. “I wander places that are ignored; salvage yards and city streets. I look for things that have been forgotten, and I wonder where they've been, what life they lived before being cast aside, and what more they can give to the world. I collect discarded, obsolete materials and remake them into sculptures. Inspired by the inherent value of everyday things, I’m interested in how disparate, neglected objects can be juxtaposed and refitted together for a new purpose, unrelated to their original function. The texture and materials of each object remain independently visible, recognizable and significant, yet together they relate in a new and meaningful way.”

Tim’s inclusion of dried organic material like roses, branches and tall blades of grass connects to Krista’s work and gk predicts patrons will truly enjoy how their work relate to each other.

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