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February 10th

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Browning & Peter… together again for the first time!

Just last December, Rob Browning and Christopher Peter shared exhibition space with Josh George and Steven Walker down in Miami for the Aqua Art Fair. This was glave kocen’s first foray into the Miami Art Fair and there was no question that Rob & Chris ran away with it. Fate played a fortunate hand as prior to the Aqua showing, these two artists were already booked to show this March.  This exhibit features all new work and the spectrum between each artist’s aesthetic is vast!   

Rob Browning’s work is smooth maintaining a powerful vibrancy. His compositions combine portraiture and architecture in sometimes fantastical ways coupled with narratives that are sometimes autobiographical. Flying and diving figures have been purveying his work recently; portraits of poised people with a UFO or a Tornado lurking in the background. His singular work has always been well received in Richmond and across the nation. Browning received his formal art education at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia (1974-1979). His artwork is included in a number of public and private collections and has been used commercially by clients, including: General Electric, ITT, Federal Pacific, American Airlines and Disney Enterprises.

Born in ’87, Christopher Peter’s inspiration for his portraiture begins with his Lithuanian grandmother who used to shine a light on him and his siblings’ faces in profile, and trace the shadow on paper attached to the wall. She would then label and date it so she could compare as the children got older. She did this every year that they visited, so as a child Christopher has distinct memories of her house and all these little paper cutouts of their faces framed up everywhere on the walls.  As an adult Peter channels those memories for his own work.

He starts every piece with a model, a photograph, or a pre-existing found image, and sets his composition from there.  The surface prep, priming, under painting, collage, painting, varnish, stretching and wiring is all done by Christopher even making his own paint, so each piece is completely a unique handmade work. The under painting or collage elements (this can be acrylic paint, handmade papers, vintage book pages, road maps, etc.) that are visible within the silhouette, cover the entire canvas at one stage, and the silhouette is painted on top of this surface. It is a painting within a painting, story within a story, or a frame within a frame.  Once the under painting is complete, Peter starts layering white over it and covering things up...so the finished work is just as much about what is shown as is what is concealed.

Browning & Peter’s New Work Exhibit opens up March 2nd and runs through the 31st. For more information please don’t hesitate to contact bjkocen@gmail.com.

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