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new work by Josh George

each vehicle is it's own crime scene


there is this place on the edge of town

the dimday signal

that's the plan ma'am


standing in the catbird seat



imminent crossing

eastward throng

where were they planning to go

where were they planning to go


tradition, progress, stagnation

stick to the plan


old habits turn to ideal life

far beyond your capabilites



Josh George hits hard with “LAM” exploring crime, hell & escape

Like the great blues idiom of not feeling bad, but feeling good about feeling bad, Josh George takes the hardness of life and equalizes it by rendering the pain as a beautiful work of art. 

“LAM” is once again a jaw dropping collection of spectacularly detailed work laced with some new palette directions and composition sifts. “His narrative ‘snap-shots’ are conveyed with both a sly wit and sensitivity,” Started Katy Resch George,” juxtaposing humor and pathos to present the complexities of the modern American experience.”  

For example, “I drive real good and I’m a great team player” (mixed on wood panel 24”x24”) sets the tone for some shady business dealings going down in the foreground while in the back ground is a happy go lucky older gentleman with a big flower on his shirt. “There has to be something to celebrate” (mixed on wood panel 24”x24”) gives us a glimpse at a couple having a much needed beach day even if they have to fake it a little.

Josh George will preview some of these works for “LAM” at The Current Art Fair September 28th-1st located at The Main Street Station and glave kocen will also be representing him this year at Aqua at The Miami Art Fair December 6th-10th.

His artwork has been featured such publications as Stile Magazine, Step By Step Magazine, American Art Collector, and Society of Illustrators, among others. George's work is part of Warner Music, Nissan, Capitol One, Sheraton Hotels, Hilton Hotels, Dominion Energy, Landmark Bank, and Limno Tech corporate art collections. 

“LAM” is on the run from October 6th-28th with an opening reception on the 6th from 6-8PM


For more information don’t hesitate to contact bjkocen@gmail.com



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