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Dan Miller & Krista Townsend

Two Painters who are on fire close the year out at glave kocen!

Dan Miller hasn’t been painting for himself in years. It’s been seven years actually since his last solo exhibit but he’s ignited his pilot light and with his new body of work “While You Weren’t Looking” Miller is back in prime form.  The title suggests that not only did he get his mojo back but more importantly after personal trials and tribulations he has reclaimed his vision. Miller states,” As a visual arts teacher, I tell my students that being an artist is about learning how to see.   In fact, I feel that my job, more than teaching them how to draw or paint, is to teach them how to see.   The artist in me is always looking, scanning and searching for the beauty that can only be found if you deeply observe and that is what I try to create with paint.  Slowing down and noticing these beautiful and sublime moments that are all around us every day is one of the greater joys of life.   These moments can be a connection to something much deeper and more meaningful than the sum of their parts.  My hope is that my work will inspire as meaningful an experience in the viewer." Dan’s serene water scenes and sparse fields are comforting and reflective; easy to get lost in their timeless and still quality.

Where Dan has invigorated his work Krista Townsend has done an about face as well and we are so proud to be hosting her first solo exhibit with us!  Krista’s tight work of city scenes from Charlottesville to Philadelphia have given way to loose paintings of walks in the woods, mountainsides and shorelines. Her expressive and impressionistic gesturing is all the more vivid with her bold colors. Krista,”...seeks to create wonder and connection in each moment. There is humor and curiosity in the everyday that is worth pausing for and absorbing.”

Krista & Dan’s styles are very different but they are obviously coming from the same place. What a great way to end the year with work that helps you put that pause button on life and contemplate what is real and what is not. What you need and what you don’t. So for the last show of 2016, the glave kocen gallery truly wants to as always bring you comfort and joy!

For more information please contact bjkocen@gmail.com

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