Exhibition Details


featuring work by Mickael Broth, Hamilton Glass,
Matt Lively, Andre Shank and Ed Trask


July 15th-August 27th


Featuring work by Mickael Broth, Hamilton Glass, Matt Lively, Andre Shank, Ed Trask

What happens when 5 artists get together and take over a gallery for two months?

We have no idea but you will reap the benefits! During a time when the Richmond Art Scene is usually quiet, we are going to make some serious noise!  Not only will there be artwork on the wall but each artist has been tasked to create a happening or experience during the run of the exhibit. The only parameter is it has to be something that is integral to their work and their life! Those events are TBA and are still being worked on as of press time but we do know Matt Lively is planning a collaborative piece where anyone off the street who wants to help create the work will be able to do so! We also know Mickael Broth will be giving a talk on Vandalism VS Street Art July 30th time TBD. Beyond that we’ve heard rumors of Bands, Story Telling, even a cooking demo! The Sandbox is theirs to play in and we can’t wait to see what conspires!

These artists have respectively collaborated on murals together a time or two but all five have NEVER been in an exhibit together and are excited to finally get together in this fashion. Patrons who only know these artists as muralists will be thrilled to view works available for sale and will glean more insight from each artist’s “Experience Offering.”

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