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Glave Kocen Gallery

SILT: Sterling Hundley
September 7 - September 29, 2018
Opening Reception, Friday, September 7th 6:00 UNTIL 8:00pm
SILT_ Sterling Hundley

In the new series of work, Silt, American artist Sterling Hundley searches for the presence of time as a living and breathing companion through the observation of our familiar routines. Throughout the artist’s home, working canvases are embedded behind cabinets, under sofas, chairs and coffee tables so that fleeting moments can be chronicled; a new layer for each new sitting.

Buried within these layers are daily observations of a life familiar- children playing, a dog sleeping, a cat eating, a woman resting. In the studio, away from a home life in perpetual motion, layers are carved, cut and torn to read like a compressed animation, revealing the presence of time as light cuts across a room, children grow older, hardships and triumphs intervene and a family life unfolds.

The resulting drawings are ordered, yet chaotic; familiar yet abstract with images resurfacing as forgotten moments. These embedded canvases and accompanying journals serve as the catalyst for larger paintings with a focus on curation through paint, surface, design, line, pattern, shape and color. 


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