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Glave Kocen Gallery

Current Exhibit

A Retrospective of Baron Wolman & Bob Masse
February 1 - March 3, 2015

In the late sixties to the early seventies, Rock and Roll was at a critical junction of artistic expression. The psychedelic visuals became just as important as listening to the music. In 1967 artist Andy Warhol and The Velvet Underground released their debut album which Rolling Stone Magazine dubbed the 13th greatest album of all time and, “The most prophetic album ever made.” Warhol was not alone in injecting fine arts into the zeitgeist and we could not be more honored to be bringing together for the first time two other very influential artists of the times, Baron Wolman 1st Chief Photographer of Rolling Stone Magazine and Bob Masse, iconic creator of the psychedelic rock poster.

It was also 1967 when Baron’s work shaped the look and feel of Rolling Stone Magazine. His ability to capture his subjects relaxed and disarmed (his subjects being the greatest legends of Rock, Blues, Jazz, & Country) went hand in hand with their candid interviews. From THE definitive image of Jimi Hendrix at The Fillmore West 1968 to backstage with the likes of Johnny Cash & Duke Ellington, Baron was at the heart of it all. Wolman, Iconic Images & Bj Kocen have collaborated and selected over twenty photos to display for this exhibit which will be numbered editions and signed by Baron.

While Baron was in the states carving his line in the wave of Rolling Stone Magazine, Bob Masse was in Vancouver picking up bands like The Grateful Dead at the border as Bob “was the guy with the Van.” He would also promote The Dead’s concerts and many other American acts like Steve Miller, Janis Joplin, and Jefferson Airplane with posters containing elements of Alphonse Mucha, and early twentieth century wood cut lettering. Just like Rock and Roll has a subversive element to it, Bob’s work broke the rules that he learned in art school where the lettering became just as artful as the rest of the work. His signature style propelled him to being in demand then and today whose resume reads like a who’s who of Rock and Roll; from Bob Dylan to Tori Amos, The Byrds to Smashing Pumpkins…and the glave kocen gallery !?!? Bob has offered to create a limited edition poster to commemorate this historic exhibit that will be pre sold to only 100 patrons for $100.00. Each print will be signed by Bob and the gallery has already started taking orders for this exclusive work. For the exhibit, the gallery will showcase works from Bob’s early days to modern times as even as this press release goes out, Bob is just finishing up a new poster for Neil Young.

“My two loves are coming together under one roof, ” stated Bj Kocen. “The visual arts and music are what I am passionate about and I’m over the moon that Baron and Bob said yes!” To add to the excitement, Plan 9 Music, in conjunction with their 33 1/3 Anniversary, has come on board with extra programming to add to this momentous exhibit. Rock and Roll starts rockin’ February 6th and runs through March 3rd.


If interested in the limited edition poster created by Bob Masse especially for this exhibit please contact:

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